Welded profile manufacture

We specialise in aluminium and stainless steel welding in supreme quality. We are a certified producer in the area of rail transport, army and construction. We also produce stainless steel children slides, switchboard cabinets, pressure pipes and vessels.


In our production, we proceed with utmost care from design preparation to product finalisation and thereby only use state-of-the-art machinery and software.

What we can do

Welding is the alpha and omega of our work. We deliver welded parts and complete products made of aluminium and stainless steel. Read carefully what we are able to do.


Because certified manufacturing process, our products guarantee the highest quality in the military equipment, rolling stock, construction and standard machine production areas.


Thanks to DIN 2303-Q1 BK1 certification, we are authorised to make components for the military. At present, we deliver products to the German market and would like to expand the customer base in this sector in the future.


Our strengths – we decided to make use of meeting the highest demands for safety, quality, durability and resistance to damage in the area of children's playground equipment.

What are our production potentialities?  

Our manufacturing premises, with an approx. area of 700 m2, includes three workplaces for manual arc and laser welding, one workplace for automated welding and a workplace for CNC equipment, surface treatment and assembly. We work with products of light and medium weight up to 200 kg/piece.

Our references