Production of welded
of parts and structures

We specialize in welding aluminum and stainless steel fabrication in top quality. We are certified production for rail transport, military, building structures. We also manufacture stainless steel baby slides, switch cabinets, pressure piping and tanks.


During the production process, we take the utmost care from the design phase to the final product. We therefore use the most modern machinery and software.

What we can do

Welding is the alpha and omega of our work. We can supply you with welded parts and complete products in aluminium and stainless steel.Read in detail what we can do.


Our products guarantee the highest quality, whether in the field of military technology, rolling stock, construction or general mechanical engineering.

Quality parts for rail transport

We manufacture casings for heating and air conditioning, casings for electrical and mechanical equipment, as well as pipe systems, tie rods, air ducts and various other welded rolling stock parts.

The production process takes place in full compliance with the requirements of the EN 15085 – CL1 (P, M) standard up to CP B1 class including the ČD V95/5 regulation.

Components for the defence industry

With DIN 2303-Q1 BK1 certification, we are authorised to manufacture components for the military. We are currently supplying products to the German market and would like to expand our client base in this sector in the future.

What are our production possibilities?

In our production facilities of about 700 m2 we have 3 workplaces for manual arc and laser welding, 1 workplace for automated welding, workplace for CNC technology, surface treatment and assembly. We work with light and medium weight products up to 200 kg weight/piece.