Components for the defence industry

With DIN 2303-Q1 BK1 certification, we are authorised to manufacture welded components for the defence industry. We participate in projects in the framework of the modernisation of military equipment. We mainly offer welded parts of operating and control panels, dashboards, headlights, etc.  

When there is no room for mistakes

We are authorised to manufacture welded components for the military according to DIN 2303. This standard guarantees the use of appropriate machinery, materials, sole handling by adequately trained workers with professional supervision and an overall high quality of welded products.

The scope of the certification includes defence technology products made of standard ‘Q1’ materials with high static or dynamic stress and high safety significance in BK1 quality, or lower quality requirements at BK2, BK3 and BK4 levels.    

In terms of quality requirements, the military market is one of the most demanding areas where there is no room for compromise. That’s why we have focused on this. Our products meet the most demanding criteria for precision and durability even under maximum load.

We are DIN 2303-Q1 BK1 certified

We take care

Customers in the field of military technology (DIN 2303 - Q1/BK1) will appreciate the high quality of our products from the certified production process.