Quality policy

FOXT s.r.o. considers quality to be an obvious characteristic of its products and services. A necessary condition for high product quality is the quality of all related processes and services. The company's management is aware that the quality and behaviour of each employee significantly influences the company's success in a challenging competitive environment.

Quality policy principles

  • Quality and high level of products and services provided under the condition of compliance with the requirements of legislative and technical regulations is a matter of course

  • The priority of our business is a satisfied customer. Up-to-date and precise knowledge of their requirements is a prerequisite for this.

  • In order to increase the prestige and strengthen the reputation of the company, it is necessary to ensure the quality of customer information about the products and services offered

    The quality of the products offered is integrated as a fundamental element of management into all its functions and corporate activities.

  • A responsible approach to the implementation of activities and continuous improvement of the quality of processes and products must be the basic credo of every employee's work.

  • A preventive approach is preferred when dealing with product quality risks. Employees are required to address any quality risk immediately or report it to their supervisor.

  • High quality standards are also applied to supplier organisations. They are also encouraged to apply approaches that are consistent with the quality management system.

  • When applying innovative processes to products or production technologies, one of the main evaluation criteria is the impact on the quality of the final product and only the most favourable options are selected for implementation.

In order to ensure the aforementioned objectives, FOXT s.r.o. builds, maintains and continuously improves an effective quality system in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 9001 standard. The company's management is responsible for ensuring that quality is an integral part of the company's objectives and decision-making processes. To implement this quality policy, it creates the necessary conditions and provides the necessary resources.

The above quality policy is binding for all employees of FOXT s.r.o.