Quality policy

FOXT s.r.o. considers quality a natural characteristic of its products and services. The quality of all accompanying processes and services is a necessary requirement for high product quality. The company management is aware of the fact that quality and the behaviour of each staff member affects the success of the company within a demanding competitive environment.

Quality policy principles

  • Quality and the high standard of products and services under the condition of meeting legislative and technical regulations is a matter of fact.

  • The priority of our business is a satisfied customer and accurate knowledge of their requirements is a basic requirement for its achievement

  • To increase the prestige and good reputation of our company, we need to ensure that the customer is well informed about the products and services.

  • The quality of our products is integrated into all functions and business activities of the company as a basic element of the management.

  • A responsible approach to the implemented activities and constant improvement of the processes and quality must be a key credo of each employee.

  • When dealing with product quality risks, we prefer a preventive approach. Workers are obliged to immediately deal with any quality risk or report it to their superiors.

  • We also place high demands on the quality of our suppliers, who are encouraged to use approaches in line with the quality management system.

  • When applying innovative processes to products or manufacturing equipment, assessment of the impact on the final product quality is one of the main criteria. We only select the most favourable alternatives for the implementation.

To ensure the above-mentioned intentions, a quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 is maintained and constantly improved in FOXT s.r.o. The company management is responsible for ensuring that quality is an integral part of the company intentions and decision-making processes and thereby creates the necessary conditions and provides the required resources.

The above-mentioned quality policy is obligatory for all FOXT s.r.o. employees.